Facebook has been making waves over the last couple of days with a series of interesting anouncements over the last couple of days at the F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco. Michael Abrash, the chief scientist for Facebook’s Oculus, took the stage during day two of the to blow everyone’s mind with some trippy optical illusions.

These pills aren’t blue and red, they’re the same shade of gray

As we all learned when “The Dress” took over the Internet in February, our eyes can play some serious tricks on us.

The blue tiles on the left and the yellow tiles on the right are really the same shade of gray, too

During the keynote, Abrash highlighted some interesting illusions to explain how we can trick our eyes into thinking what we’re seeing is reality. And according to Abrash, these perceptions, and the assumptions our brain makes about them, are what make virtual reality work.

The lines on this checkerboard stay straight the whole time

P.S.: Gif source: Mashable

I strongly recommend reading Ben Thompson’s detailed article explaining the possible impact of the F8 announcements in his post ‘The Facebook Reckoning’.


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